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The Cauley Team at Mortgage Resource Plus:  Shopping AroundThe Cauley Team at Mortgage Resource Plus:  Shopping Around

Shopping around for a mortgage? Not sure what to ask or what to do? Here are some tips:

Look for a referral to a trusted advisor. Someone you trust has referred you to trust us.

Choosing the right mortgage is very personal; you will be sharing your most confidential information. Who will be advising you? We are committed to serving in a professional By Referral Only practice. We need to have an open and honest high trust relationship. We can only continue our practice by earning your trust, then your referrals.

Lenders that advertise interest rates do not depend upon a trusted relationship. That is why they quote arbitrary interest rates before they even know your personal information. That makes their phones ring, not satisfied clients.

The old adage about "you get what you pay for" also applies. The bargain basement may not be the right place for you if you need advice, experience and personal service.

Compare carefully. Look at the bottom-line monthly costs, but also look at title fees and recording fees. Interest rates and costs go together. You can get a lower interest rate, but you'll pay for it at closing in higher fees. You can have a no-fee mortgage, but you'll pay higher interest rates. Interest rates change all the time, so comparing fees and costs is a difficult process because the bond market fluctuates from day to day.

Be assured that you can always ask questions of your Cauley Team representative and expect a professional response. Contact The Cauley Team today at 248-642-4600. Email Perri Cauley at or email Michael Cauley at

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