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The Cauley Team at Mortgage Resource Plus:  About Equity RepositioningThe Cauley Team at Mortgage Resource Plus:  About Equity Repositioning

Equity Repositioning is a way to make the value in your home be more than just a place to store cash.

Buying a home can be a great investment. But tying up all your cash in big down payments and large equity positions can be a big mistake. If you could take the value in your home and put it to work enhancing your net worth, why wouldn't you at least consider the possibilities?

The Cauley Team has an excellent article that illustrates this concept for you: "How the Affluent Manage Home Equity to Safely and Conservatively Build Wealth."

They build a strong case for not paying off mortgages early, not building a large equity position in a principal residence, and putting the extra cash into other assets that can earn you greater returns.

Here are some excerpts:

"If you had enough money to pay off your mortgage, would you?"

"Wealthy Americans - those with the ability to pay off their mortgage but who refuse to do so - understand how to make their mortgage work for them. They put very little money down, keep their mortgage balance as high as possible and, most importantly, integrate their mortgage into their financial plan..."

"Many people hate their mortgage because they know over the life of a 30 year loan, they will spend more in interest than the house cost them in the first place. To save money it becomes very tempting to make a bigger down payment, or make extra principal payments. Unfortunately, saving money is not the same as making money..."

"The good news is that any homeowner can implement the strategies of the wealthy to increase their net worth..."

Download the article today, and then call the Cauley Team to make the power of equity repositioning work for you! Click here for the PDF.

Still have questions? Contact The Cauley Team today at 248-642-4600. Email Perri Cauley at or email Michael Cauley at

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